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Plot Maintenance

To ensure that we are able to keep the cemetery looking its best, we charge an annual maintenance fee of $40. This fee can be paid yearly, or you can save and pay multiple years in advance. Perpetual care can be arranged for a one time payment of $500.

Holding Vault

Our holding vault is free if you are using our burial or cremation services. In case the pet passes away during the time the ground is frozen, we will hold pet in the vault (no extra cost) until the ground thaws for burial purposes. However, if you no longer wish to use our services, a $50.00 holding fee will be charged if the pet is held for 24 hours or more.


We understand that the loss of your pet can be very difficult. This service can help make it easier for you to focus on the details of the funeral and to grieve,rather than having to worry about getting to our facility. The cost will depend on the location, please contact us to get a quote.

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