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Why Plan Ahead?

Whether you are making arrangements far ahead of time or you are in imminent need, pre-planning can help you emotionally and financially. Planning ahead can help you reduce the burden of making arrangements for your pet during a difficult time. You are able to calmly and carefully plan the details of your pets burial/cremation and the ceremony. Gain comfort in knowing that you have looked at all the options available and have planned the best way to put your pet to rest. Planning ahead can also help you to ease the worries of how you are going to pay for the arrangements by allowing you to make choices around your budget and save for when the time comes.


Our services include pre-arrange pet burials, and we offer pre-paid plots for the family that wants adjoining plots for more than one pet. You can make decisions in a period of calm rather than crisis, eliminating any additional stress when your loss occurs. For those that wish to plan ahead, plot reservations can be made with a down payment of $ 100.00

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