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Mountain Lake

In Memory Of...

On this page, we remember all those pet's who have passed. We hope to help the families who have lost their pet have a way to remember their pet for years to come.

If you would like us to include your pet on this page, please email us at In your email please include your pet's name and/or nick names, your last name, the date of your pet's birth and their passing, a small message to your pet, and a recent image of your pet.

Please note that all the pets are listed alphabetically by last name.

Pet's Name

Last Name




"Dear Carlos, Veronica, and Naomi,
Our dear Kristie passed away peacefully at around noon today at 15 years old. She lived a long life full of adventures, friends, and love. We're grateful that we had so much time with her, and that she had such a wonderful second home with all of you. She loved her trips to Pinetree and was always excited to see all of you. We're glad that she was able to say goodbye to Carlos yesterday, it was very special. Thank you all so much for everything you did for us and for Kristie. We all really appreciate it.
We hope to see you down the line to share Pinetree with another dog in the future."

Date of Birth

April 24, 2005

Date of Passing

December 15, 2020




"My sweet boy Simba. Mommy misses you."

Date of Birth

March 14, 2005

Date of Passing

May 22, 2019




"Cross the rainbow bridge dear friend. Thank you for 13 years of love and devotion."

Date of Birth

July 30, 2002

Date of Passing

June 23, 2016

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